AWS EC2: Create an EC2 Instance (Linux)

This tutorial series is to help you get jump-started with AWS EC2. This is Part 1 is about How to Create an EC2 Instance.

1. Go to Amazon Web Services’ Website. (Click Here)

Screenshot (40).png

2. Sign in if you have account, if not than create one

3. Click on EC2 option.

Screenshot (29).png

4. Click on Launch Instance.

Screenshot (30).png

5. Select Ubuntu machine.

Screenshot (31).png

6. Select Free Tier t2 micro.

Screenshot (32).png

7. Configure Instance Details.

Screenshot (33).png

8. Add Storage if you need it.

Screenshot (34).png

9. Add a tag if you want to add.

Screenshot (35).png

10. Launch your instance.

Screenshot (37).png

11. Create a key pair and make sure to save it somewhere safe. You won’t be able to replace it.

Screenshot (38).png

12. Launch the instance. Done!

Screenshot (39).png

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Posted in Articles, Programing Guide And Tips on Aug 07, 2020


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