The clubhouse is ready to launch its Beta version for Android

Clubhouse, the iOS-only audio-based chat platform which looked like the new trend a couple of months back is finally testing an Android version of the app.

According to Mashable, the team behind the Clubhouse app has spoken earlier about an Android app that has been in development, but until now there was not much information other than that. Now a beta version is on the way.

This confirmation comes from the Clubhouse development team, who have confirmed how they had launched a beta version for Android in a blog post. While doing so, they have also talked about how a full launch is not live yet, but obviously, the app cannot release right away.

Making a statement about the availability on Android, they have said, "We cannot wait to welcome more Android users to Clubhouse over the coming weeks."

This could mean that Clubhouse might finally look to enter Android this month or early in June. However, this also raises a question as to whether Clubhouse will gain as much traction as the iOS version did or not.

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Posted in Tech News on May 03, 2021


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