Covid 19 News:- Donald Trump to suspend immigration into US

US President Donald Trump, on Apr twenty one, same he was sign language Associate in Nursing government order to briefly suspend immigration into the u. s., amid the coronavirus occurrence that has killed quite forty,000 folks within the America, the country with the foremost fatalities within the pandemic.

β€œIn light-weight of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, also because the ought to shield the roles of our nice americans, i'll be sign language Associate in Nursing government Order to briefly suspend immigration into the United States!,” declared the yank president on Twitter.

The number of individuals killed within the America because of COVID-19 has reached forty two,094, in keeping with Johns Hopkins University, and quite seven,50,000 cases are confirmed.

While Trump talked concerning suspending immigration visa, the H-1B visa, that is additional well-liked among Indian IT professionals, could be a non-immigrant visa. however his reasoning that he must shield jobs of yankee voters indicates that non-immigrant work visas too could be on his target.

The u. s., because of coronavirus, has skilled a record shutdown. As of last week, a record range of twenty-two million Americans have applied for state advantages.

Trump has already closed the Northern and Southern border that pulls an oversized range of black-market immigrants. Travel restrictions and shutting of diplomatic building services in several countries together with Asian country area unit already having a control on issue of latest H-1B visas.

Last month, the u. s. suspended all routine visa services round the world because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

(With inputs from PTI)

Posted in News on Apr 21, 2020


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