Destiny 2 gets its first ever Fortnite-style live event today

Destiny 2 first ever Fortnite-style live event has now completed.Unfortunately, It was not upto the mark which some gamers are expecting.It was not something that game-changing for key part of the game world.We can say it like it was slow but its solid start.



Bungie had signalled Rasputin that he would take aim at The Almighty at 6pm UK time. An One and half hour later, red signs in the sky above the Tower because of a massive explosion on the Cabal superweapon which then proceeded to fall to Earth.

As The Almighty has fired across the sky, debris smashed into parts of the Tower. The superweapon landed behind the Tower with another blinding explosion.There is some Parts of the Tower are now damaged and players are exploring the social space to find out what's changed.

Here is a video for you all about how the event is concluded:-

While it was exiciting to watch The Almighty blow up and crash into the Earth. it felt very much like a 90 minute wait for a cool few minutes of action. Still it is great to see Destiny try something it's never done before.

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Posted in Entertainment, Gaming Zone on Jun 07, 2020


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