How to Install Git on Windows In 10 Simple Steps

Git is widely used for version control. To use Git, you have to install it on your computer. Even if you have already installed Git, it's probably a good practice to upgrade it to the latest version. In this article, we show how to download and install git on your computer. Follow the simple steps which are given below.

Step 1

To download the Git installer, visit the Git's official site and go to the download page. The link for the download page is You can see the below page and the latest version of git is shown. The latest version of the git is 2.27.0 at the time of written this article. Click on the package given on the page as download 2.27.0 for windows. The download will start after selecting the package. Now, the Git installer package has been downloaded.

capture git download.JPG

Step 2

Click on the downloaded installer file and select yes to continue. After selecting yes the installation process begins, and the screen will look as given below. Click on the next button to continue.

capture installation 1.JPG

Step 3

The default components are automatically selected in this step. You can also choose your required part.

select components.JPG

after click on next button. select start menu folder window will appear. if you want different folder than you can click on browse button and choose the folder you want or you can also check on checkbox if you does not want to create start menu folder.

select start menu.JPG

Step 4

Choosing the default editor option will appear by default vim is selected. If you want to change than you can also use different editor from the dropdown But vim is recommanded to use.Click on next button to continue.

capture default editor.JPG

Step 5

The default Git command-line options are selected automatically. You can choose your preferred choice. Click on next button to continue.

adjusting your path.JPG

Step 6

The default transport backend options are selected in this step. Click on next button to continue.


Step 7

Select your required line ending option and click on next button to continue.

step 7.JPG

Step 8

Select preferred terminal emulator click on the next button to continue.

step 8.JPG

Step 9

Default option is already selected,If you want to change the default behaviour than you can also change it by selecting different option. after selecting the behviour click on next button to continue.

default is.JPG

Step 10

This is the last step that provides some extra features like system caching, credential management and symbolic link. Select the required features and click on the next button to continue.

extra option.JPG

after click on next button configure experimental option is appear if you want this experiemntal support than click on checkbox and click on install option.


after installation the following window is appear.Now you can is git bash and Git Gui tools.

setup finished.JPG

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Posted in Programing Guide And Tips on Jun 18, 2020


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