Microsoft Introduced New Chrominium Microsoft Edge Browser through Windows 10 Update

New Microsoft edge chrominum based browser update rolling out earlier this year in January where user have to manually download the new update and install into the pc. This is the reason most of user prefer to not install this update but now Microsoft will update your older version of Microsoft edge with the new Chrominum based engine Microsoft edge browser as part of the update of Windows 10.


This is the stated in Microsoft support article and its is firstly point out by The Verge where Microsoft mentioned that the new Edge web browser is coming to millions of Windows 10 powered devices and Best part of this is automatically install by operating system and user doesn't need to install it manually. Microsoft promises that this new update provide best in class compatibility with extension and its provide great support for letest renderering capabilities. Microsoft planning to introduce new features in new Microsoft edge browser that helps them to be different than google chrome. It will includes the new integration with pinterest,right click context menu to activate sidebar search and so on.

Posted in Tech News on Jun 04, 2020


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