Sega classic 'Alex Kidd' is coming soon to modern consoles and PCs

Playing a classic games is always fun, In recent times Nintendo also did the same with its Super Mario Series, Now other developers also looking to relaunch their classic games on pc and mobile console.


Merge Games and Jenekteam have uncovered their expansion and revival for 'Alex Kidd in Miracle World' classic game. This will be available on all modern gaming consoles and pc.

The revival of the game will include the improvement in graphics and some story-based elements will be introduced with new levels. They also looking to change boss levels of the game. The developer still not announced the launch date yet but it might be available in 2021. If you are interested to play this game and need more information about the game than you can add this game into the wishlist on Steam.

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Posted in Gaming Zone, Tech News on Jun 12, 2020


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