Tiktok's Rating is now 4.4 on Google Play Store as Google Deletes Millions of Negative Comments

In Past few weeks Tiktok's received lots of hatred from people in last few weeks which results Tiktok ratings is falling down to 1.2 star on Google Play Store.This happened over multiple reasons including the YouTube vs TikTok fiasco, the spread of coronavirus from China and more. Now, Google has deleted over 7 million negative comments resulting in TikTok’s rating move up to 4.4 stars.


When TikTok ratings reached the 1.2 stars in the Google Play Store ratings that time it had over 28 million ratings by registered users. Now, when the app is back at 4.4 stars ratings, it has just around 20 million reviews. This clearly shows that the company has deleted over 8 million ratings.

While we have seen a major change in the Google Play Store ratings, TikTok has not seen much difference in ratings on the Apple App Store. The app has maintained a 3.5-star rating on an average in the iOS store. However, with all the controversy coming into play, the ratings were dropped to 3.4 stars

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Posted in Tech News on May 28, 2020


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