Twitter adding the custom share sheet to Android app

Twitter has released a new update to its Android app. This update brings a custom share sheet, that is similar to the one available in its iOS-based app, to the microblogging platform’s Android app.

As per a report by Android Central, Twitter is bringing two variations of its custom share sheet to its Android app. These two variations will replace the app’s existing custom share sheet.

All the three iterations, that is, the old one and the two new variations, let users share their selected tweet with a select bunch of Tweeps with whom they communicate frequently. Barring this similarly, there are some subtle yet noticeable differences as well.

For starters, the older version had options to share Tweet via Direct Message, Bookmark it, copy the link to the Tweet and share the tweet in different apps arranged in a vertical manner. This changes in the newer iterations. In both the iterations, the ‘Send via Direct Message’ option is present right under the commonly accessed Twitter accounts. In the first iteration, ‘Bookmark, ‘Copy Link’ and ‘Share Via’ options are available in a horizontal fashion right under the ‘Send via Direct Message’ option. Under this, Twitter users get a vertically-stacked list of third-party apps wherein the selected Tweet can be shared.

In the second iteration, ‘Copy Link’ and ‘Bookmark’ options are present alternatively between the third-party apps under the ‘Send via Direct Message’ option. Notably, Twitter, via a Tweet from its official Twitter Support account has confirmed that it is rolling out the new share menu to all its users on its Android app. “Hey, friends on Android. This new share menu is now testing on your devices for a faster way to share Tweets to other apps. If you see it, give it a try,” Twitter said.

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Posted in Tech News on Nov 23, 2020


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