Xiaomi is finally launching the much-awaited Mi Laptop in India

Xiaomi is finally is looking to launch their first laptop in India. The company started showing teasers about the upcoming launch via Twitter. Manu Kumar Jain and his team at Xiaomi has posted tweets today and showing off the upcoming Mi Laptop look.


Manu Kumar Jain is seen in a teaser video where he is working on a laptop and shuts it close to say "It's time".

This clearly indicates that the company is now all set to finally launch the much-awaited Mi Laptop in the country.

Not only Jain, but also Chhaya Gandhi and Kasturi Paladhi from their PR team joined in to throw the teasers about the upcoming laptop.The company officials are make the tweet with the hashtag - #WhatsNextForMi.

This shows that the product they are teasing is not from Redmi and thus not the Redmi Book we were expecting.Instead of Xiaomi will be launching the Mi Laptop which will be a part of their luxury lineup of products.

Notably, this is just the right time to launch a new laptop as more people are investing in such products due to the whole Work From Home culture.

Posted in Tech News on May 27, 2020


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